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The Future of Care Management for Physician Practices

Join the care management revolution with ClaraOne! Our innovative app provides an affordable, efficient, and secure solution to help physician practices excel in delivering high-quality, value-based care and maximizing reimbursements.


Chronic Care Management

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Remote Physiologic Monitoring

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Behavioral Health Integration

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Transitional Care Management Workflow

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$99/per month per user


Includes access to CCM, RPM & BHI program packages.  Plus, we've included our TCM workflow with task guardrails FREE with every subscription.   

You get everything you need to earn more revenue for one LOW price. No tiered packages, no per patient fees, and no upselling!  

* Two (2) user minimum.  Requires Microsoft Business & PowerApps subscriptions. 

Transparent, value pricing is our commitment so healthcare providers can do what they do best and keep more of their profits.  It's pretty simple! 

No up-selling or per-patient fees.  We mean it!  

Trust Matters.

By purchasing your ClaraOne subscriptions directly from Microsoft AppSource, you can be confident that you are using a certified and approved PowerApps solution that is compatible with Microsoft 365. 

Speaking of trust, our app was developed by a team of nurses, members of a profession long regarded as the most trustworthy. 

Business Discussion

Why use ClaraOne?

  • Secure & HIPAA Compliant

  • Use Alongside ANY Certified EHR

  • Control Your Own Data

  • Detailed Audit Trails

  • User Productivity Monitoring

  • Care Team Collaboration Tools

  • Robust Admin Panel

  • Automated Billing Reports

  • Customizable Dashboards

  • In-App Care Plan Management

  • Secure, dynamic, scalable storage

  • Integration with Microsoft 365

Resource & Infrastructure challenges?

We can help with that, too.  Our experienced team can help you implement programs and care for your patients between office visits.  

Choose your own path to value-based success.

Bundled Programs

Your choice of any combination of services, performed remotely on your behalf by our network of expert licensed nurses.

CCM a la carte

CCM only.  You can start slow and scale up.  Add other programs when you're ready.  You're the boss. 

RPM a la carte

Quickly address unstable patients with reliable, easy to use monitoring devices.  

Choose your package, equipment supplier, and leave the work to our team of nursing professionals.

Cost Transparency

ClaraOne's transparent pricing enables accurate budgeting for healthcare practices, eliminating uncertainty of per-patient SaaS models. Adding programs doesn't trigger increased costs, and there are no hidden fees or complex calculations. 

Integration with Familiar Tools

ClaraOne integrates with Microsoft 365, enhancing value in products you probably already pay for. Familiar look & feel minimizes learning curves, while integration with tools like Microsoft Outlook, Excel & Word simplifies communication, document management, and comprehensive data analysis.


ClaraOne facilitates scalable usage without extra patient-based costs, ideal for growing practices. It supports service expansion without increased software expenses, offering access to all programs without upselling.

Control and Ownership

Using ClaraOne ensures healthcare practices maintain control and ownership of their data and processes. They avoid reliance on third-party SaaS providers, minimizing the risk of vendor lock-in and operational disruptions.

We are friends of nurse entrepreneurs.  Ask about our affiliate program! 

More than just an app.

Let's connect!

We are based in beautiful Middle Tennessee but our reach is unlimited- and so is yours!

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​​Saturday: 10am - 2pm
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